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GRP Manhole Rehabilitation

Barwon Sewer Restoration (BSR) was tasked with rehabilitating severely corroded maintenance holes on a large sewer main in Geelong. These maintenance holes had deteriorated beyond structural soundness and required a durable repair that could be completed safely and efficiently.

Scope of Work:

  1. Assessment and Challenges:
    • The maintenance holes were in such poor condition that they posed a significant risk of collapse, making it unsafe to enter them for rehabilitation.
    • The project also required maintaining the constant flow of the sewer main during repairs.
  2. Solution Implementation:
    • Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Sleeving: BSR opted for this method to rehabilitate the maintenance holes. The GRP sleeving technique minimized the need for high-risk confined space entry.
    • This solution provided corrosion-resistant maintenance holes with an extended lifespan, addressing both safety and durability concerns.

Outcome: BSR successfully rehabilitated the severely corroded maintenance holes using our innovative GRP sleeving technique. This method ensured a safe and efficient repair process while maintaining the integrity and continuous operation of the sewer main. The result was a set of maintenance holes with significantly enhanced corrosion resistance and structural longevity.

Project Details


December 7, 2015


Barwon Water


Barwon Sewer Restoration

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